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Court Prisons And Deports 92 Ethiopians


Kenyan court sentenced ninety-two Ethiopians to thirty days in imprisonment.

The convicted are all males between the age of 20 and 25, according to reports on Kenyan media.

Police arrested the Ethiopians last Tuesday, at 6 a.m., while traveling in north-eastern Kenya, near Isiolo city, 285 kms north of Nairobi.

The Ethiopians were traveling in an Isuzu vehicle under the escort of a Toyota Vitz at the time of the arrest.

They said they were heading to South Africa to look for jobs. However, they lacked the necessary legal documents to cross Kenya.

Police brought the Ethiopians to court on Thursday and charged them for being in the country illegally.

A local judge sentenced them to one-month imprisonment and to be deported back to Ethiopia immediately after.