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Wollo University To Become Top Of East African Universities


Wollo University, located in the South Wollo Zone of the Amhara Regional State, said it is working vigorously to become one of the top five East African universities in 2028.

President of the University, Dr. Abate Getahun, told WIC that the university is endeavoring to be a competitive educational institution in East Africa by offering quality education, conducting researches and providing societal services.

The university is undertaking 17 expansion projects at a cost of 525 million birr, which according to him is vital to attain the university’s target of joining the group of top East African universities.

According to Dr. Abate, the expansion project would also help to boost the enrolment capacity of the university. Currently, the university is training to close to 12,000 students in 50 fields of study in its Kombolcha and Dessie campuses.

He said the university is discharging its responsibility in implementing 30/70 % policy (enrolling 70% of its new students in science and technology courses and 30% in social sciences).

He said the university is undertaking wide-ranging activities to maintain education quality by realizing modularization and students centered programs as well as building student army, among others.

In addition to the teaching-learning process, the university is popularizing the improved wheat, sorghum and chickpeas it developed around Kemise to the community, he said.

Wollo University has so far graduated more than 13,000 students in various disciplines, it was learnt.