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Study For Off-Grid Power Generation Commissioned


The Minisrty of Water, Irrigation and Energy (MoWIE) of Ethiopia has commissioned a study on off-grid power investment allowing private sector involvement in the production and sale of electricity, Fortune reported.

The first draft of the inception report submitted to the Ministry by Fechtner GmbH Co. & KG, which is conducting the study, pointed out general problems and show diverse alternatives which can be used in the sector.

The study is intended to allow foreign and local companies to invest in renewable energy provision such as solar home systems and institutional solar systems which are being supplied by the government.

Meeting conducted between the Ministry and Fechtner GmbH Co. & KG on March 6, 2015 discussed the inception report which indicated the very limited availability of solar home systems, solar lanterns, institutional solar systems and cook stoves for the project.

The study was initiated to benefit majority of the people living in rural areas which cannot be reached by the national grid. Therefore, the Ministry has recommended to include alternative technologies such as mini hydropower and solar water pumps in the study, according to Yisihak Seboka, rural electrification head of MoWIE.

Yisihak also noted the study’s chief goal is to decentralize the country’s energy centers and liberalize it. 
The Norwegian Government financed the study under Climate Resilent Green Economy (CRGE). The study will be concluded within six months and the ministry will receive the full report after four months where two months have already been taken to produce the inception report.