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Ethiopian Woman Commits Suicide


A HOUSEMAID has hanged herself in a detention centre in Isa Town after allegedly refusing to board a flight home.

The Ethiopian woman, identified as 31-year-old Meseret Bekele, was found dead in the Interior Ministry’s Isa Town Detention Centre for Women on Saturday night.

According to sources, Ms Bekele was taken to the airport after her employer forcibly ended her contract.

She then reportedly became agitated and refused to board her flight, leading to her being transferred to the detention centre in Isa Town.

An Ethiopian consular representative confirmed that they had been informed of the death, but said they were waiting for further information before the body – currently at Salmaniya Medical Complex morgue-could be repatriated.

Migrant Workers Protection Society (MWPS) general secretary Beverly Hamada said that the incident highlighted the need for translators when dealing with migrant domestic workers.

“We don’t know what exactly happened and why the woman insisted on not returning to her home country,” she said.

“We know that she refused to board a flight home and we know that she was sent to the Isa Town Detention Centre.

“We also know that the Ethiopian community was not contacted and that makes us wonder if there were translators available while dealing with her case.

“In such situations, translators are important and they could have helped in understanding her reasons for refusing to go back to her country.

“She might have had a good reason for not wanting to board the flight, which should have been heard before sending her to jail.”

No-one from the Interior Ministry could be reached for comment when contacted by the GDN