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Walia Beer Springs 56 Million For National Football Team


Walia Beer, a product of Heineken Brewery, signed a 56 million Br sponsorship deal with Ethiopian national football team for four years.

The deal was signed between Johan Doyer (above), Heineken Ethiopia managing director and Teklewoyni Assefa, vice president of the Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) in Hilton Addis on March 18, 2015. The agreement obliges Heineken to provide EFF with 14 million Br a year. However, the deal does not include the Ethiopian women's national football team a.k.a. 'Dinkinesh'.

In line with this deal for development of the sports sector, Walia Beer will launch a number of events to prepare the team for the upcoming football season, reads the press release from Heineken.

The last sponsor of the national team was Bedele Beer, which is also Heineken's product. Bedele had a two-year contract with EFF at the cost of 24 million Br.

In 2011, Heineken set its foot in the Ethiopian beverage sector through the acquisition of Harar and Bedele.