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Mikal Ghirmazghi, University Of Georgia Student Found Dead


The University Of Georgia is mourning the loss of their fifth student in three months. 

Mikal Ghirmazghi, 21, was found dead inside her dorm room Thursday night after her mom asked that someone check on her.

While the Georgia Bureau of Investigation conducts an autopsy, UGA police say they do not suspect foul play. The GBI will determine the cause of death, which could take weeks or even months.

Ghirmazghi was the fifth student to die since Jan. 10. That’s when friends found 19-year-old Michael McClary unresponsive in the backseat of a car in the East Campus parking lot. 

On Friday, university officials said McClary died of an alcohol overdose.

On Jan. 13, 21-year-old Min Seok Cho was shot and killed during, what investigators say, was an off-campus drug deal. Two people have since been arrested.

On Feb. 16, Tanzila Alam was rushed to the hospital where her roommate said, she suffered several seizures before dying. 

Her parents said her cause of death was meningitis but UGA officials say that is not true. They are awaiting autopsy results.

On Feb. 25, a UGA student was found dead in his off-campus apartment. No foul play was suspected.

Police are still waiting on autopsy results for Alam and Ghirmazghi, which they said could take weeks or even months.

Meanwhile, the people who knew Mikal or “Miki” are mourning her loss.

“It’s just really sad to see someone pass that young so suddenly,” said freshman Sofia Ferrari. 

She lived in the dorm where Miki was a resident assistant. 

“It also upsets me the reaction of the girls who live in that hall. Yesterday, I was walking up to the dorm and one of the girls who lived there just started crying and you just have an immediate reaction to comfort them,” Ferrari said.

Mikal Ghirmazghi And Her Friends (standing-right)