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Ethio Telecom’s Poor Services Amid The Launch Of A 4G Network


Customers of the stated owned telecom monopoly, Ethio Telecom, are expressing their frustration over the deterioration of a range of services beginning from March 21. A number of people interviewed over the weekend said both the 3G and 2G networks have significantly slowed down and phone networks go offline most too often. The deterioration of Ethio Telecom’s services came amid the launch of the state-of-the-art 4G network last Saturday. 

During the launching event, Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Debretsion Gebremichel said the state monopoly will continue to improve its services. “The new 4G network that took over a year to install will remove all the old networks, except a few in the Somali regional state. It has incorporated all the new technologies and will solve the previous telecom related problems,” he said during the 4G launching event. 

However, customers of the company are also experiencing problems with their EVDO services. Employees of the company cite a new system put in place which they are not well aware of. Dr. Debretsion claims quality has improved substantially in the past few years as every tower is monitored.

“There is high call traffic around day time in Merkato but it is open at night time. This shows the system in place needs a continuous monitoring,” he added. Ethio Telecom says the current mobile network installed in Addis Ababa has the capacity to accommodate up to 6.5 million customers. However, its services are marred most too often with ‘frustrating’ breakdown of services, customers say.