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Ethiopian Students In Korea Increasing


The Republic of Korean Government Administration and Home Affairs Minister Dr. Chong Jong-sup said the opportunities for Ethiopian students to study in Korea are increasing from time to time.

                  Minister Dr. Chong

The Minister made the remark at an event organized by the Addis Ababa University in collaboration with the Republic of Korea Embassy held at Ras Mekonnen Hall here yesterday.

In his keynote speech, Minister Dr. Chong also said that the Government of Korea has been providing scholarships to students for over decades from across the globe.

Addis Ababa University

Dr. Chong noted that Korean professors are now working abroad to teach students in various countries including in Ethiopia. “So I believe that those who were taught by our scholars will get chances to study in Korea and from time to time, the number of Ethiopian students studying in Korea has been increasing,” he added.

He said that Korean people are participating in the policy making process from the beginning all the way through its implementation.

He said that the people as well give feedback and evaluate policies. Thus, he said that this society is the foundation of the public-private cooperation through advanced e-government system.

The Minister further noted that foreigners like Ethiopian people can access the ministries websites and documents and so the people of Korea can easily see what the government is doing in a transparent way.