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Ethiopian Independent Journalist Receives Death Threats On Facebook


Ahmed Abdi, an Ogadeni freelance Journalist received a death threat on Facebook on Tuesday from Ethiopian General Gabre Heard 's Facebook account over his work.

" I received a death threat on Facebook.This is not the first time that I received a death threat from an Ethiopian or Djiboutian official, but to receive this time from Gen. Gebre Heard, who is the commander in Chief of Ethiopian Forces and also serves on IGAD's Somalia peace and Reconciliation Committee appears unusual,"  he said on his twitter account. 

The independent journalist, who is based in Yemen has been writing about the conflicts of Ogaden and Extremists activities in Somalia.

He said it was from a Facebook message, a direct message from General Gebre Heard's Facebook account but the threats should not stop me my work but would be an encouragement as my work is noble. 

Earlier this year, General Gabre sent a friend request to the journalist to follow his comments, but Mr. Abdi unfriended/defriended him after he had realized the account of the General Gebre.

It was just Tuesday night when Mr.Abdi came across a note which reads,  "Ethiopia will kill you".Abdi wrote back to the Ethiopian General by saying , "There is nothing called Ethiopia but Abyssinia." 

Ahmed Abdi, The independent journalist

With the help of Spyware Vendor, Ethiopian government targeted journalists, who work for Ethiopian Satellite Television in Alexandria, Va. 

Mr. Abdi further said, Ethiopia does not respect the rights of journalists to do their work without fear of arrest or harm- I am an exile journalist and I don't worry for their intimidation." 

Over the last couple of years, Mr. Abdi produced an enormous series of publications across dozens of local, regional and international websites and his work must likely be disturbed by the Ethiopian general. 

Abdi published a Somali language article about Ogaden refugees that were arbitrarily detained and extradited to Ethiopia by Djibouti government January 22, 2011 on Waagacusub Media. 

He detailed about the Ogadeni rendition program which unnerved Djibouti authority and eventually sent a death threats to him via Facebook.He was told that he could not enter Djibouti as long as president Ismail Omar Guelleh is in the office by unnamed Djibouti official.