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Ethiopian Taxi Driver In Colorado Charged With Rape (Video)


DENVER — A woman told police she was picked up by a taxi and then kidnapped and raped.

The 22-year-old said that’s what happened to her after she left a bar in downtown Denver. She said the attack happened in late December.

She remembered little besides waking up to the assault and being driven home in a cab by her attack.

The District Attorney charged the suspect, 36-year-old cab driver Hidet Molla, with five felony counts including kidnapping, rape and robbery.

Court documents say that after a night of heavy drinking, the victim in this case was taken to the basement of a house in Green Valley Ranch, instead of being driven straight home from the bar.

Investigators say she was raped and robbed at that house.

She told police she only remembered waking up nearly naked with her attacker on top of her. Making him stop, she asked for a ride home. Investigators say he agreed to do that and he drove her home in the same cab he picked her up in.

The victim wasn’t able to give police much to go on as far as the identity of her attacker or where he took her.

So, they turned to tracking activity outside the bar from “halo” street cameras.