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“The Death of Somalie Businessman is the Cause of The Conflict” Blue and AEOU


Addis Admas Blue Party and All Ethiopian Unity Organization (AEOU), said they sent the Committee of Experts to find out the reason of the conflict in the Oromia and Somali Regions.

According to the report, the instigator of the conflict the death of a well-known businessman in the region. The government, on the other hand, could not comment on the two parties’ reports.

Considering the seriousness of the situation the two parties sent an investigation team to the region to find the cause of the conflict. According to the report, security forces didn’t intervene to stabilize the situation until the conflict escalated.

After the incident of September 2, 2010, which claims the life of a Somali investor in East Hararegi town, the conflict escalated. The Oromo nationals who live in Somali region, said said, the Somalis had burned their homes, robbed their property and killed them.

In this unnecessary conflict, the people who were displaced from their properties said, they are not getting enough food and clothing, some of them don’t even have a mattress. The investigative team confirmed the claim is true and the displaced people live in an empty warehouse. They also pointed out that children have diarrhea due to the shortage of food and clean water.

The parties claim that the government is responsible for human suffering; they asked the government publicly apologize to those who were affected by it. For those who lost their loved one, the government should give moral compensation.

They also demanded the government to take a swift action for those who lost their homes and properties by giving them financial compensation.

“We call on every Ethiopian citizen and international charity organizations, to contribute to those who needs your support right now.” The parties also said, they are working to distribute letters of support for Selected Bodies. In a related issue, the parties will reveal bank account numbers to the public soon.

Regarding the findings of the parties on the conflict, Communication Affairs Director Dr Lencho Leta said, “Since we didn’t receive the report, It’s difficult to express the position of the government.” According to Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, their report on the cause of the conflict will be available this month.