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Amelset Muchie


Amelset is an Ethiopian actress and model who is married to the famous musician Tewodros Kassahun (Teddy Afro). She is one of the 6 children of a history teacher, Mr. Muchie and a math teacher, Mrs. Tsige.

After returning from Asmara she went to Zerfeshwal school before changing to Wendrad when moved from Megenagna to Kotebe. She was one of the most beautiful women in high school receiving lots of attention from school mates. After high school, she attended Unity University and studied journalism and communication.

She used to participate on Addis Admas under a pen name, Rekik. Her fame started when she was crowned Miss. Ethiopia 2006 and represented the beautiful nation in Holland. Amelset’s acting career started with the movie Yifelegal which is a romantic comedy involving celebrities Serawit Fikre and Seifu Fantahun.

Afterwards, she took a major role in the movie Sele Fikir as a director and leading actress. She has attended New York Film Academy to enhance her skills after her movie Sele Fikir. She is currently the Director of a production company that takes part in advertisements, music and movie productions.