Gondar and its surrounding areas doing a stay at home protest

Gondar and its surrounding areas doing a stay at home protest

Various reports that are coming out of Gondar and its surrounding areas are indicating that residents have restarted their stay at home protests and there is a growing tension as a result and this has left the areas deserted and without a transportation service.

The ruling party, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front’s (EPRDF), official Facebook page has today posted a statement that was previously issued by the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM, the ruling party’s representative in the region.

Gedu Andargachew, the Amhara Regional State’s President, has said that both EPRDF and ANDM will address the public’s questions as per an agreement reached between the officials. Social media reporters have indicated that there was a sporadic gunfire in Gondar last night. Our sources have indicated that the shootings were heard around the central prison station in Gondar and it might be related to the renegade Colonel Demeke.

The same sources have speculated that there might have been disagreements between members of the armed forces in one hand and the prison’s guards and the Amhara region’s Special Forces. There are reports that members of the armed forces have claimed they came to the prison facility to pay salaries to prisoners.

As a result, family members of some of the prisoners there have indicated that there is a tension inside the facility. Gedu Andargachew, however, has said that all the above claims are not true but admitted that there is a tension in Gondar following the rumors that the Colonel was about to be handed over to the army.

“We would have taken the person to another location if we wanted to earlier on,” said Gedu adding that the Colonel was not transferred to another location in respect to the public’s demands.

Some residents of Gondar who didn’t want to be named, however, said that there might be some members of the security apparatus who doesn’t want the tension to be calmed down. They added that these security forces are responsible for the deterioration of the security situation despite the works done to restore law and order.

They stressed that the presence of heavily armed soldiers in the city has also contributed to the deteriorating situation. EPRDF has recently stated that it reviewing its 15 years journey and also the recent unrests in various parts of the country. The decisions of the EPRDF meeting is expected to be presented to the EPRDF council’s meeting.

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