ZTE continuing its tree planting program annually for the 3rd time

ZTE continuing its tree planting program annually for the 3rd time 2000 Trees Planted by ZTE this year for the 3rd time

Being a proven and reliable strategic partner of Ethiopian government, ZTE, has shown and demonstrated its full commitment to support Ethiopia’s green growth strategy by continuing its tree planting program annually for the 3rd time, conducted at Gulele Sub City via planting 2000 trees there by nearly 100 staffs of ZTE has shown their support to the Company’s endeavour through taking part in the same.

On the opening, Mr Li Guang Yong, Deputy CEO of ZTE (H.K) Limited Ethiopian Branch, expressed that, it has already became ZTE’s best culture to participate on the green growth path where Ethiopia is following: “ Ethiopia’s green growth strategy is key to not only to ensure speedy growth of the economy, but also to sustain it, through protecting the environment.” Mr Li added that, “Being an international company working in this country, besides to the construction of the national network, as one part of the company culture (CGO) it’s considered as the main objectives to actively participate in the different community programs and carried out its social responsibility.

 “Since environment is our only ultimate source of resources, the services, we ought to do our level best to protect it, both individual and corporate level would be highly depend planting trees” It is indispensable that, we have to make sure that we plant more trees than the resources we consumed and hence if we are committed as what we say, we are in the right direction to the environment. In the past 16 years, as one part of the social responsibility, the company has fully equipped libraries of 3 schools in Oromia Region, build up a hope elementary schools with total cost of 3 million birr, gave donation of approximately 1.6 million birr to the orphanage and poverty schools, giving free training for colleges and university students, donating computers to schools, build up laboratories for Addis Ababa, Science and technology university, assisting Amhara development Association, and giving support for the elderly, delivering and feeding daily meal for children under MCMDO (a Local NGO) which couldn’t bring lunch to school for the past 2 years, supporting ICT competition to intensify software developer community would be our contributions to the society among the many that are worth mentioning.

 Beginning from year 2013, ZTE have planted 6000 tree seedlings around this area in memory of the late prime minster Meles Zenawi. It is to be known that, ZTE is a leading telecom infrastructure providing company working in Ethiopian market for the past 16 years of rich and affluent experience. Its presence has brought about Ethiopia’s mobile revolution to life, with connecting over 80 million people. It is not only providing the backbone infrastructure for the connection, but also it has helped in maintaining of the same.

The company, ranked as number one in the world in terms of annual patented products, as well as taking part in the ongoing telecom expansion project and other projects meant to enhance connectivity in Ethiopia. The Company’s social responsibility execution activities include supporting low-income groups, empowering the next generation, especially women, protecting the environment and enabling the youth would be among the many worth to be mentioned.

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