Nuer Community Leadership In Ethiopia Condemns Tabang Deng Gai Appointment

Nuer Community Leadership In Ethiopia Condemns Tabang Deng Gai Appointment Members of Nuer Community in Ethiopia marks the second anniversary of Nuer massacres in Juba under Salva Kiir's leadership

 The Nuer community leadership in Ethiopia strongly warns desperate politicians under Taban Deng Gai for cheaply trying to sell the souls and dignity of our young men and vulnerable minorities who have been badly targetted for the last three years by a dinka regime for demanding equality, freedom, reforms and justice for all the citizens of this country. This is a cause that will never be betrayed by one man and therefore we strongly warn those who conspired with the enemy to start seeking safe exites before it becomes too late.

We in the leadership of the community, would like to express our concern and warn the remaining members of the SPLM/A in opposition in juba as well as SPLM/A in government from the ongoing grabs that, First Vice president of the Republic of South Sudan, the Chairman and Commander in Chief of the SPLM/A IO, Dr Riek Machar Teny cannot be replaced by a dismissed member of SPLM IO, Gen Taban Deng Gai the former minister of Mining in the TGONU.

First, we the nuer community were and are victims of this war for the last three decades under SPLM/SPLA leadership and this was finally cemented with a genocide planned by none other than President Salva Kiir Mayardit. If it was not because the Nuer Community and their wise leaders love peace, we in the SPLM/SPLA-IO would never have returned to Juba to be ruled by dictator Kiir who has blood of our people at his finger tips.

Second, we will never allow any obstinacy attempt that tries to replace the First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, the chairman and C-IN- C of SPLM/A IO, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Because the FVP knows how far he has gone concerning SPLM/A IO side that causes millions of life in December 15th, 2013 conflict including all personnel who have responded the horrific plan of the president Kiir who was trying to clear all nuer tribe in South Sudan.

Third, we have seen the move is a clear plan from the government to avoid justices in the absent of one side from the two principles president kiir and the FVP of the Republic, DR Riek Machar because their presence to lead the TGONU will be the priority until hybrid court is established and will help to bring those who were responsible for atrocities to justice.


fourth, even though humanity is not present in south Sudan, we have to demand our rights that, it could be impossible for anyone or any interested groups who may think that, it is cheap to replace the FVP of the Republic and C-IN-C of the army opposition at this horrible time while our IDPS are still in a dark live and conditions with in the country and in the neighbors camps.

Our rights claims and recognizes the present of FVP, DR Riek Machar and President Kiir until supreme court has taken charges against those who had planned the genocide of Nuer people in juba. These words, would clearly state the position of the community in Ethiopia that,

It will never allow anti-peace elements to have a word within it rather than a person who seeks and value the bright future and talents of our children and whole community as well

Fifth, we welcome the intervention of regional troops endorsed by IGAD and AU in to south Sudan so that, peace implementation would have chance inside the damn country, we also condemn the tribal acts some few Dinka have had demonstrated for the last two days ago.

Intervention of regional troops would favor peace and allows all citizens of the country to exercise their rights and as well as affairs of the country equally instead of specific tribe or citizens and will prevent state of disgrace that cause to lose other citizens prestige in the country.

Sixth, Nuer community in Ethiopia is calling upon all peace lovers, nuer community worldwide and committed SPLM/A IO members and patriots in juba and outside to ignore and reject the unconstitutional act, anti-peace group, shortcut opportunists, goofy idea and incapable decision and condemn it in the strongest possible term because it’s not a joke, it is a war that has taken thousands lives of people.

Seventh, We in the leadership of the entire community in Ethiopia, we salute the souls of freedom fighters who have paid their lives and blood at JI incident (presidential palace) around juba for preventing the shameful incident that was strategized against the FVP of the Republic of South Sudan, the Chairman and C-IN-C of the army opposition DR Riek Machar Teny. We will never forget the job well done that has taken their souls and remember their contributions in any minute. We know very well, the reason why the country is in a perpetuating terrible situation at the hand of president Kiir Mayardit, it’s all about the futile decision of 28th states and indeed as part of none governmental organization whose land was just offered to other, it’s our right to stand firm to let go incapable decision of 28th states by any means. God is able.

Long live Naath (Nuer) Community


Yours sincerely

Signed By:

Puot Dador Gatkek

Secretary General & Acting Chairperson

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel +251935150526

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