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Ethiopian Man Falls From New York GWB Tower

The man was speaking to a Port Authority Police officer when he jumped, authorities said. An Ethiopian man died Wednesday afternoon after he climbed the New

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Dr. Mesfin Araya, Ethiopian Doctor Ended Up Homeless Before His Death

Dr. Mesfin used to teach at Hanter college in New York and wrote a lot of articles and presented a research papers on African Studies.

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The Twins Who Have Different Fathers, Judge Finds In Paternity Case

A New Jersey dad has been ordered to pay child support for just one twin after a DNA test revealed that the other baby was

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America's Allies Are Funding The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), now threatening Baghdad, was funded for years by wealthy donors in Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, three

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Golu Bolu And Dobi Oyita, Ethiopian Women Share Their Story Of Struggle And Hope

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Golu Bolu and Dobi Oyita live in Ethiopia. They are in the United States to attend the 14th session of the United Nations

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United States Air Force Is Looking For Alleged Deserter In Ethiopia

The Air Force Office of Special Investigations is looking for an alleged deserter whose last known location is in Ethiopia. Staff Sgt. Tefera Melaku Workneh is

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Wealthy People Couldn't Find Parking Space For Private Jets At Mayweather-Pacquiao

Don't you just hate it when you can't find a parking spot ... for your private jet while you're trying to attend the richest fight

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Adam Gadahn - Propagandist For Al Qaeda Who Sold Terror In English

WASHINGTON — If Osama bin Laden was the founding force behind Al Qaeda, then Adam Gadahn was perhaps its leading American voice. A California-born convert to

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Ethiopian Girl Says She Was Exploited!!

Angelina Jolie's acclaimed film about the kidnap and rape of a 14-year-old girl in Ethiopia has helped burnish her image as a human rights campaigner. But

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Boy Arrested After Gun Goes Off In Classroom

LAS VEGAS -- An 11-year-old boy at Ruthe Deskin Elementary School was arrested after a gun in his backpack accidentally went off in a classroom

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A Letter To John Kerry From Kilinto Prison, Ethiopia - “Take the Right Side In The Struggle Of The Oppressed”

On April 25, 2014, nine bloggers and journalists were arrested in Ethiopia on accusations of “inciting public disorder via social media” and “receiving support from

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Tense Moment Terminally Ill Man, 65, Who Spent 30 Years On Death Row For A Murder He Didn't Commit

An innocent man who spent more than 30 years on death row for a murder he didn't commit has come face-to-face with the prosecutor who

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