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Saudi Man caught in obscene act with Ethiopian maid

Saudi Arabia’s feared religious police arrested a Saudi man and an Ethiopian housemaid after catching them in an obscene act inside a car in the

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Ethiopian mum arrested for killing her three daughters in Saudi Arabia

Woman throws three daughters aged 6-8 years into water tank at her house A 28-year-old Ethiopian woman killed three of her five daughters by drowning them

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IOM Facing Funds Gap in Support for Ethiopian Returnees From Saudi

Addis Ababa — The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Ethiopia has renewed its appeal to the international community for help in supporting over 100,000

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Governing By Crisis - A Labor Migration Gone Terribly Wrong

The abuse of Ethiopian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia is not an overnight happening; it took decades and involved Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and the world

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Migrants Return Empty Handed From Saudi Arabia

Addis Ababa — When Mohamed Yusuf left his home town in Ethiopia for Saudi Arabia a year ago at the age of 17, he thought

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Ethiopia citizens living illegally in Saudi Arabia repatriated

When Ethiopia started repatriating its citizens living illegally in Saudi Arabia last month, 30,000 people were expected to return. Today, four times that amount have been

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Gov't Sends Diplomats After Thousands of Migrants Surrender to Saudi Police

Addis Ababa — The Ethiopian government announced on Saturday that it had sent a high-level delegation to Saudi Arabia to facilitate the safe repatriation of

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16 Saudis married Ethiopians last year

Weddings happened despite policy stipulating strict conditions for foreign spouses  Manama: A Saudi justice ministry official said that 16 Saudi nationals took Ethiopian spouses last year. “We

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Ethiopian housemaid pushes 4-year-old son of her employer on boiling milk pot

An Ethiopian housemaid in Saudi Arabia pushed the four-year-old son of her employer on a boiling milk pot, causing severe burns to his body. It was

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Ethiopian maid kills child in Saudi claiming "occult" power ordered her to present the child as an offering

An Ethiopian housemaid in Saudi Arabia waited for her Syrian employers to go to work in the morning went to the bed room of their

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Eritrean pilot sent to Saudi Arabia to bring jet stolen by defectors, has herself defected

The pilot, who holds the rank of captain, told the authorities in Jizan province she did not wish to return to the East African country,

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Ethiopian Embassy considering suing Saudi media for defaming its nationals

The Ethiopian embassy in Saudi Arabia is considering suing individuals and the media for defaming members of Ethiopian community, according to Al Hayat newspaper Wednesday. The

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