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Tragic: Pilot Dies On Flight After 'Heart Attack'

A Saudi passenger aircraft captain died just before landing in the Gulf Kingdom and the company said his aide succeeded in landing safely. The pilot, Walid

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Good Heart: Saudi Family Holds Home Party For Departing Ethiopian Maid

A Saudi family gave a home party to its Ethiopian Housemaid to say goodbye at the end of her four-year work with them, a newspaper

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Egypt Sends Ground Forces Into Somaliland

Egypt has sent ground troops to Somaliland, sources said, as part of the Gulf Arab military contingent to rout the Iran-allied Houthi group in Yemen

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Ouch: 11 People Sentenced To 300 Lashes & Prison For Having A Party

It is well known that women are not allowed to mingle with men in Saudi Arabia unless they are related. Six women and five men

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Eritrean Opposition: We Will Fight Saudi Arabia And UAE For Taking Over Port of Assab

The Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO) has warned Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates amid reports that the two countries have acquired the

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Saudi Court Quashes Death Sentence For 'Apostate' Poet

A court in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday overturned a death sentence against a Palestinian poet convicted of apostasy, giving him eight years in prison instead,

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OMG: An Ethiopian Man Beheaded In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday executed an Ethiopian and one of its own citizens, both of them for murder, bringing to 58 the number of convicts

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OMG: Ethiopian Dealers Arrested For Hiding Liquor Bottles In Graves

Police arrested several Ethiopian nationals for hiding home-made liquor bottles inside graves in a cemetery in the Southern Khamis Mushait town, south-west Saudi Arabia. According to

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Ethiopia Keen to Develop Stronger Ties with KSA

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia have grown noticeably in recent years due to efforts on both sides to reinforce deep-rooted and historic ties between

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Man Tapes 14 Bottles Of Alcohol To His Body In An Attempt To Smuggle Them Into Saudi Arabia

The love of alcohol will make some people do the unbelievable. This smuggler was caught trying to sneak 14 bottles of liquor in his underwear

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Seven Women Stranded In Saudi Arabia Have Been Flown Home

Seven women stranded in a Saudi hostel have been flown home, Uganda’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia says. It comes amid a Ugandan ban on the recruitment

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More than 80 Yemen-bound Ethiopian migrants detained off Somalia

Authorities in the Northern Somalia’s breakaway region of Somaliland have said that they seized a boat in carrying more than 80 illegal migrants from Ethiopia. The

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