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How the Saudi King Travels in a Luxurious Manner, 1,500 people, Two Mercedes Benz

Descending regally from his private plane in a customised gold-coloured escalator, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saudbegan the first visit in almost 50

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Two Ethiopians Arrested for Daylight Robbery

The Riyadh police have arrested two Ethiopians for robbing a Saudi citizen in broad daylight. Acting on information gathered, the police arrested the two men, both

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Two Girls Attacked by Ethiopian Maid in Saudi Arabia

Photos have emerged of two girls and their mother after they survived a brutal attack from their Ethiopian maid in the Sanbah village in Saudi

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Saudi Arabia Releases Over 300 Ethiopian Prisoners After Plea From President

Some 375 Ethiopians sentenced in Saudi Arabia have been granted clemency, according to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The clemency was granted following an appeal from

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For the first time Saudi leave free Ethiopian prisoners

For the first time Saudi leave free Ethiopian prisoners

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Saudi royal family betraying Islam, Muslims

Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman recently caused a stir by making inflammatory remarks against Iran. Reacting to the statements, Iran’s

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Egypt-Gulf relations tested by Saudi visit to Ethiopia dam

Egyptian media lashed out at Saudi Arabia over a high-level Saudi delegation visit to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) during a short trip to

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Ethiopian woman in the Saudi Arabia Through Liya

Ethiopian woman in the Saudi Arabia Through Liya

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Ethiopian in Saudi Arabia Deported

Ethiopian in Saudi Arabia Deported

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Let Women Behind the Wheel, urges Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal

In unusual stance, Alwaleed bin Talal says ban undermines individual rights and holds back economic growth. // An outspoken billionaire Saudi prince has called for

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Two Saudi Women get Sentenced to 20 Lashes For Using bad Language on WhatsApp

Two women in Saudi Arabia have been sentenced to 20 lashes after they were found to have used bad language while arguing with each other

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Saudi Arabis warns Donald Trump against Banning Oil Imports

Saudi Arabia is cautioning President-elect Donald Trump against carrying out a threat to cut. Trump made the threat earlier this year, saying that if elected

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