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North Korea Says Trump Speech is 'a Dog's Bark'

North Korea's top diplomat has called US President Donald Trump's speech to the UN "the sound of a barking dog". Speaking to the UN General Assembly

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Trump: 'Sad day' for North Korea if Military Strikes

US president says Pyongyang 'is behaving badly and it's got to stop' as officials eye policy of nuclear containment. An American military strike on North Korea

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Ethiopian Premier, a China Ally, Calls Beijing a Model for U.S. on Job Growth

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia—The prime minister said in a rare interview that President Donald Trump’s “America first” message is following the lead of key Ethiopian ally

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President Trump to Sign Executive Order Declaring Pre-marital S*x, Abortion, Same S*x Marriage as Illegal

U.S President Donald Trump, is reportedly planning to sign an executive order declaring pre-marital s*x, same-s*x marriage and abortion to be wrong and make government

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