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Couple Gets Married in Hospital 5 Hours After Bride Gives Birth

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- A couple’s wedding day and the birth of their first child is often looked at as two major life events. One

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Strange: Woman Sues Hospital after Finding Camera in her Body, 6 Months after Surgery

A woman has filed suit against Emory University Hospital, Atlanta alleging that doctors left a camera in her body during an organ transplant. According to the

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Do sea monsters really exist?

Nothing fires up a media storm like a sighting of a dead sea monster no one can identify. However much scientists shout ‘It’s a whale!’ I

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Unbelievable: Girl Shows Up For Prom in Coffin

Megan Flaherty, 17, from New Jersey, arrived at Pennsauken High School’s junior prom on Saturday lying flat in a coffin and driven there in a

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Hilarious: Man Buys Himself a Ring, to Look for Wife Later

A man who took to social media to share photos of the new ring he bought himself, in preparation for a wife he will look

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Strange World: 27 Year Old Graduate Doctor set to Marry her Degree

27-year-old Angie Hamouie from Houston, Texas is set to marry to her medical degree. Angle is graduating from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

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Footage of a hospital shows an invisible force driving a stretcher to and fro then pushing it out of courtyard

A spooky CCTV footage of a hospital shows an invisible force driving a stretcher to and fro then pushing it out of courtyard. The eerie footage

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Cyclist run over by truck manages to avoid injuries

A man riding a motorized scooter on a busy Chinese street had a lucky escape from injury when he was struck by a truck that

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50-year-old Woman Falls in Love with Man Who is 30 Years Her Junior (Photos)

A truly rare love is going on between a 50-year-old woman who is so much in love with a 20-year-old boy who is 30 years

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Parents marry their 3-year-old twins to each other “to avoid bad luck”

A pair of three-year-old twins who were ”soulmates in a past life” have married – to ward off bad luck. Brother and sister Teekatat and Tawisa

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Meet the 'Ecosexuals' Who Enjoy Having S*x with Trees

There are people who enjoy having s*x with trees with the hope that it would save the earth from damnation.  Saving the earth is something most

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Strange: A 62 Year Old Woman gives Birth to a Baby Girl

A 62-year-old Spanish woman has given birth to a healthy girl and encourages women in their later years to imitate her if they want to. Lina

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