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Toronto’s Ethiopian and Eritrean Communities Fight for Rights at Work

“They are not part of the system. They don’t vote,” Teferi Zemene says about members of Toronto’s Ethiopian community he volunteers to help. A licensed plumber

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OMG!! Check Out The Unresolved Mame Steel’s Building Structural Crack

I passed on the Kality District this morning. On my way, it was just by coincidence that I saw a major structural crack on Mame

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Chester Bennington Commits Suicide

The Los Angeles County coroner has confirmed the death of the star – with TMZ reporting he was found dead at a private residence in

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Controversial laptop ban on US-bound flights from Middle East and North Africa lifted

The ban on laptops on flights from the Middle East to the US has been lifted The US has ended its controversial four-month ban on passengers

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This Happened In Russia,USA,Japan,Australia,UK,China Worldwide

This Happened In Russia,USA,Japan,Australia,UK,China Worldwide

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Woman, 59, Who Tried for Decades to Get Pregnant Gives Birth

During nearly four decades of marriage, Akosua Budu Amoako and her husband tried to have a child, without success. But last month, at age 59,

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Kenya TV Election Debate Has Just One Candidate

A TV debate for Kenyan politicians hoping to become deputy president in next month's elections went ahead even though only one candidate took part. Muthiora Kariara,

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Qatar Considers Seeking Damages Over Gulf Blockade

Economy minister discusses compensation with trade officials in Geneva as legal team prepares to study the sanctions. Qatar has announced that it is considering legal action

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Parenting in the Era of Addictive Electronics

I feel your pain. As a mom to a couple of kids in college and three tweens, I’ve found that video games, social media, and

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UAE Rejects Accusations it Hacked Qatari Websites

The United Arab Emirates has rejected a report indicating it hacked Qatari government news and social media websites to post incendiary false quotes attributed to

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Strikes, Unrest in Multiple Cities of Oromia

Strikes and other forms of signs of unrest reported in six cities of Ethiopia’s largest region Oromia in the past five days. The unrest is

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Vermont Officials offer $100 Bounty to find tree Vandals

WEST RUTLAND, Vt. — Town officials in Vermont are willing to spend $100 to find out who is breaking branches off of local trees in

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