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New Mexico Coffee Roaster Spearheads Ethiopian Water Project

The Clean Water Project is an ongoing initiative aimed at building a water pipeline in the Ethiopian village of Kellensoo, where Prosum Roasters gets its

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12 Ways to Tackle Anxiety at Your Desk in Under 10 Minutes

It feels like everyone is talking about anxiety at the moment. Whether it’s a hilarious but terrifyingly accurate depiction of the mental illness on your Instagram

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It’s Just Become Easier for Some Tourists to Visit Ethiopia

Ethiopia has launched a new electronic visa application service, making it easier for tourists to visit the East African nation. Visitors from countries as diverse as

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Body of Ethiopian Man Missing in Lake Union (Seattle) Found; Family Identifies Him

Shakespear Feyissa, who’s known Yetbarek Demoze for 20 years, said he was waiting for Yetbarek to pick him up Sunday morning when he got the

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Conjoined twins facing early death to undergo surgery to seperate their heads

The twins from Bangladesh are joined at the head and could die at any moment. Birth defects can at times result in heartbreaking stories of children

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Ethiopia – Saudi Arabia amnesty expires: arrests, deportation looms

A bilateral amnesty program between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia in respect of Ethiopians illegally resident in the oil-rich Gulf nation expires today after a months’

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Scientists Create 'Bulletproof' Gel That's Five Times Stronger Than Steel

Revolutionary fibre reinforced hydrogel could have the strength to stop a bullet. Hokkaido University Scientists have created a stretchy gel they claim is five times stronger

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Ethiopia Forced to Withdraw Tax Hike that Resulted in Protests

Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority says the decision to scrap the tax hike was hinged to the complaints they had received from affected persons ADDIS ABABA

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For Ethiopia’s Underemployed Youth, Life Can Center on a Leaf

About half of Ethiopia’s youth are thought to chew this leaf: khat. Officials consider the problem an epidemic in all but name. By Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura

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Koshe Survivors Still Struggle

Though it has been five months since the deadly garbage hill slide occurred in Koshe Open Garbage Dumpsite in Addis Ababa, survivors of the incident

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US Police are Now Using Drones to Gather Evidence on Crime Investigations

US police departments are training officers to fly drones in order to aid criminal investigations, traffic accidents and other emergency operationsYuneec Hundreds of police departments across

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Scientist Claims There Is No Mystery Surrounding the Bermuda Triangle

Many unanswerable mysteries have befallen us over the years - the meaning of existence, for instance, or how Michael Owen actually manages to consistently reach

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