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You Can Also Learn How to Cook Ethiopian Cuisine

Ambo Ethiopian Cuisine offers traditional food served in individual-sized portions or on family platters. Everyone is welcome to use injera to eat or the restaurant’s

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Travel to Ethiopia

Spoiler alert: don’t watch this on an empty stomach. The people behind the Perennial Plate blog take us into the kitchens of Ethiopia this week as

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Healthy Ethiopian Communal Cuisine

There are a number of reasons for one to visit Ethiopia but should one wish to acquire a more off-beat experience, the Ethiopian cuisine proves

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Ethiopian restaurant to introduce one of the healthiest diets in the world

ETHIOPIAN cuisine might be not be very well known in Brighton - but a new restaurant hopes to change that with its nutritious and tasty

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Abyssinia Serves Great Ethiopian Food In California

When I ordered what turned out to be Abyssinia’s best dish—a spicy fish stew with onions and peppers—I used a torn piece of injera to

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Eat This: A Beginner’s Guide to Ethiopian Cuisine

In his memoir, Yes, Chef, Marcus Samuelsson described berbere as “both masculine and feminine, shouting for attention and whispering at me to come closer. People unfamiliar

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Teff, The Ethiopian Superfood That Used To Be Banned

Teff has been grown in Ethiopia for thousands of years, but its export was banned by the government until this year. Now it is appearing

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Ethiopian Haregu Bahtu, A Former Refugee Opens Dream Restaurant In U.S.

The Eritrean War of Independence turned Haregu Bahtu from a native Ethiopian to a refugee in 1980. Bahtu crossed her country’s western border into Sudan,

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Ethiopian Restaurant, Saba In Fitzroy Rewards Diners With Sense Of Adventure

Welcome to the world of finger food. Yes, Saba’s Ethiopian Restaurant is a cutlery-free zone. No knives, forks or spoons required. If that concept disturbs you,

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Eating With Zebegna - Share Your Memorable Meal

I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to Indian parents who were hired by Haile Selassie to teach in the schools he had built across

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Injera: Ethiopian Flat Bread

Ingredients: 3 cups self-rising flour1/2 cup whole wheat flour1/2 cup cornmeal1 tablespoon active dry yeast3 1/2 cups warm waterDirections:Mix everything together to form a batter.Let set

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Recipe for Ethiopian flat bread, Injera remains a treasured secret

The bakers of some of Seattle’s best injera keep the secrets to making the famed Ethiopian flatbread close to the vest.Bakers are good at keeping

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