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Blood Clot Risk and Other Problems Might be Tied to How Tall You are

CNN) How tall you are might hold clues to your risk of various health problems, such as blood clots, according to a new study. Height can

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Ethiopian Girl Loses Eyesight, But Not Her Heart, in Fight for Life

With the help of mission work, Ethiopian girl was able to get the surgeries she needed to survive. She now has a clean bill of

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Emirati Doctor is Helping Develop Emergency Medicine at Rural Hospital in Ethiopia

Emirati doctor Ayesha Al Memari current humanitarian work sees her volunteering with a Canadian NGO in Ethiopia by helping physicians and nurses develop emergency medicine

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Drinking Coffee ‘Could Help You Live Longer'

Coffee not only helps you feel full of beans, it might add years to your life as well, two major studies have shown Scientists in Europe

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UK Announces £90 Million Funding for Family Planning in Ethiopia

The UK, through its Department for International Development today announced its new Family Planning by Choice programme, which will provide £90 million of support for

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Hospital Reform Improving Health Care Service Delivery

The quality and accessibility of health care services have registered a marked progress over the last decade owing to hospital reform activities triggered by the

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Bone-marrow Drive to Be Held at Ethiopian Soccer Tournament in Seattle

After reading an article about a woman struggling to find a bone-marrow match that would save her life, a D.C.-based doctor organized a last-minute donor

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Strange: Woman Sues Hospital after Finding Camera in her Body, 6 Months after Surgery

A woman has filed suit against Emory University Hospital, Atlanta alleging that doctors left a camera in her body during an organ transplant. According to the

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A Story of a Young Man who Cheated Death Twice to Graduate from Texas Heart Institute

One of the nicest perks of being a pilot are the fantastic airline privileges. Flying standby and jump seating can be stressful if you’re in

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Warmer climate threatens malaria spread in Ethiopia

Cool, high-lying areas of Ethiopia hitherto shielded from heat-loving malaria mosquitoes are increasingly exposed to the disease as the climate warms, researchers said Thursday. Most Ethiopians

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CARE Hospitals Chain in India Gets Invite from Ethiopia

CARE Hospitals management in Hyderabad, India has agreed, in principle, to train Ethiopian doctors in tertiary care including surgeries A delegation of Ethiopian government which reached

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Blood Test for Maternal and Child Health

"When I was in the family way, I never went to a health station. As a result, my two children died during delivery. Unluckily, to

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