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Gonder's solidarity with Oromia is a slap in the face of TPLF

Update - TPLF, which was paralyzed by a popular revolt in Gonder over the weekend, has been on a killing spree in Oromia region at

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Ethiopia's Gonder City Protests Signal Uncertain Future

An Ethiopian professor of political science based in the United States says Ethiopia finds itself at a crossroads with an uncertain future unless the government

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Gonder Militia Stops TPLF In It's Tracks, TPLF Licking It's Wounds

TPLF's old habit, beating, arresting, killing defenseless civilians, or bulldozing their homes with impunity, was stopped in its tracks in Gonder, thanks to a patriotic

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Gonder At War With Brutal TPLF

TPLF is very much resented throughout Ethiopia. And in Gonder, the patriotic people hate TPLF too much they would love to bury it alive. And

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