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Meeting Lucy in Ethiopia, and Other Travel Stories from the Cradle of Humanity

“But why?” When we announced we would be traveling to Ethiopia, everyone had the same response. Soon, my practiced answer became, “Because I want to experience

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Ethiopia Marks Patriots' Victory Day Today

Patriots' Victory Day in Ethiopia Patriots' Victory Day is an Ethiopian public holiday that marks the end of the Italian occupation. It commemorates those who

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Why We Should Care If Ethiopia Stops Loving Us

I recently returned from three weeks in Ethiopia, an abysmally poor, highly primitive nation of more than 100 million people on the Horn of Africa.

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Attack in Northern Ethiopia by Freedom Fighters

Patriotic Ginbot 7 soldiers opened fire against the regime’s forces at Denbia, Northern Ethiopia on Saturday, reported ESAT in a breaking news coverage. The freedom fighters

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Defending the Israelite Ancestry of Ethiopian Jews

Historians still debate the precise origins of Ethiopian Jews but agree that it developed largely in isolation until the 20th century The Ethiopian Jews, who primarily

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Between Yosef Salamsa & Martin Luther King Jnr: The Ethiopian Jewish Struggle in Comparative Perspective

Talk and Q&A with Efrat Yerday in partnership with Jewish Voice for Peace New York — Join us for a talk by Efrat Yerday on the contemporary

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Ethiopians Are Still Debating Their Victory Against Italian Colonialism

The Ethiopian Empire stunned the world on March 1, 1896, when it won a decisive victory against the Kingdom of Italy at the Battle of

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It’s a Privilege to Travel among Dignified Ethiopians

The Ethiopians are an ancient and dignified people. I’ve found them kind and courteous to a fault and I feel privileged to join in this

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Did Our Famous Ancestor Lucy, Have Super-strong Arms?

In Ethiopia, she is known as “Dinkinesh” — Amharic for “you are marvelous.” It’s an apt name for one of the most complete ancient hominid

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Ethiopian Escapades: What to See in Northern Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, we decided to visit the northern part of the country using Awaze Tours. They took us from the busting capital of Addis Ababa

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British Team to Conserve Ethiopia’s Oldest Wall Paintings

A project to conserve Ethiopia’s oldest wall paintings, which experts believe date to around 1100 or soon after, is due to begin this month. They

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The Dying Wish Of An Aging Ethiopian Soldier: To Find The Korean Orphan He Saved

Veterans group now seeking information to find a S. Korean, now an elderly man, who was taken in during the Korean War “We were affiliated with

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