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Body of Ethiopian Man Missing in Lake Union (Seattle) Found; Family Identifies Him

Shakespear Feyissa, who’s known Yetbarek Demoze for 20 years, said he was waiting for Yetbarek to pick him up Sunday morning when he got the

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Ethiopia – Saudi Arabia amnesty expires: arrests, deportation looms

A bilateral amnesty program between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia in respect of Ethiopians illegally resident in the oil-rich Gulf nation expires today after a months’

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Life Can Center on a Leaf For Ethiopia’s Underemployed Youth

BAHIR DAR, Ethiopia — Her life revolves around a psychotropic leaf. Yeshmebet Asmamaw, 25, has made chewing the drug a ritual, repeated several times a day:

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Chinese Firms Create over 28,000 Jobs in Ethiopia in Past Five Years: Official

Chinese companies have created more than 28,300 jobs in various sectors during the past five-year period in Ethiopia, an official at the Ethiopian Investment Commission

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Ethiopia Forced to Withdraw Tax Hike that Resulted in Protests

Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority says the decision to scrap the tax hike was hinged to the complaints they had received from affected persons ADDIS ABABA

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For Ethiopia’s Underemployed Youth, Life Can Center on a Leaf

About half of Ethiopia’s youth are thought to chew this leaf: khat. Officials consider the problem an epidemic in all but name. By Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura

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A Taste of Ethiopia in Whanganui, New Zealand

(Whanganui Chronicle)―Pam Robbie has lived and worked in Ethiopia for the past ten years organizing tour parties exploring the country that she has grown to love. “Places

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Strikes, Unrest in Multiple Cities of Oromia

Strikes and other forms of signs of unrest reported in six cities of Ethiopia’s largest region Oromia in the past five days. The unrest is

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In Ethiopia, Feeding Hyenas Is a Tourist Attraction

Hyenas roam the streets of the ancient walled city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia every night, seeking scraps of meat to drag to the nearby

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Ethiopian Artists to Feature at Spain’s Rototom Sunsplash Festival

Ethnopia was created from a partnership between Walter Rizzi a music promoter and business man Haileluel Tamiru in order to promote Ethiopian culture. Ethiopian music project

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Eritrea Accuses Al Jazeera of "Malicious Propaganda"

Eritrea accused Al Jazeera media group of continued smear campaigns against the tiny East African state. Eritrea’s latest accusations against al Jazeera comes days after the

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‘Injera and Chill’ – An Event Celebrating Ethiopian and Eritrean Food

The people in Toronto behind ‘Black Foodie’ (founded by Eden Hagos) created ‘Injera and Chill,’ an event celebrating Ethiopian and Eritrean food TORONTO, ON―Eating injera, the

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