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AAU Professor's great Speech during EPRDF called meeting 2016

AAU Professor's great Speech during EPRDF called meeting 2016

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Unrest in Konso Has Left Ethiopia's World Heritage in the Area in Danger

Our sources have indicated that the one year unrest in the Konso Woreda has continued and the situation has aggravated in the Ethiopian New Year.

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SEPDM Slams the Dismissal of Shiferaw Shegutie

The ruling EPRDF’s member Party Southern Ethiopia Peoples Democratic Movement/SEPDM/ refutes rumors about the dismissal of its leader and key party member Shiferaw Shigutie from

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Farmers in Gondar take over a military camp in Azezo, two killed in Aimba

A resident of the town told ESAT on the phone that farmers in Azezo who engaged regime soldiers in a gun battle all day on

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Attack On Civil Society In Ethiopia Escalates As Dissent Spreads

Amid discontent, sometimes violent protests, and a drought of historic proportions that has left more than 15 million Ethiopians in need of urgent food aid,

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Prof. Berhanu Nega asks all Ethiopians to join the people of Gondar in the fight against TPLF

Chairman of the Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy, Prof. Berhanu Nega called on all Ethiopians to join the people of Gondar in

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Ethiopia’s Oromo Protest ‘Development,’ Displacement and Death

Events in Oromia have been described as the worst civil unrest in a decade. “This government is at least better than previous ones,” remarked a 74-year-old

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Elias Kifle Slams Ginbot 7 For Claiming A False Victory Over EPRDF (+Audio)

Elias Kifle, editor of Ethiopian Review, the leading opposition website based in the US, has slammed Ginbot 7 and its chairman for claiming a false

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Fear Grips Opposition Of Post-Election Assassinations

THE targeted assassination of four members of the Ethiopian opposition party in less than two weeks before the official announcement of the rigged election results

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Get Prepared! Oromo

The May 24, 2015 election proved beyond doubt that change of government in Ethiopia through peaceful and election is not possible. Waiting for the next

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Ethiopia: A Press Release From Blue Party

Blue Party was clear before entering into 2015 Ethiopian General Election as there are no capable and independent institutions to handle free and fair election

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Ethiopia Celebrates The 24th Anniversary Of Ginbot-20

Ethiopia today (May 28th) is celebrating the 24th anniversary of the fall of the dictatorial regime and the coming into power of a new democratic

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