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Ethiopian literature

Ethiopian literature,  writings either in classical Geʿez (Ethiopic) or in Amharic, the principal modern language of Ethiopia. The earliest extant literary works in Geʿez are

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List of moths in Ethiopia

Moths of Ethiopia represent about 700 known moth species. The moths (mostly nocturnal) and butterflies (mostly diurnal) together make up the taxonomic order Lepidoptera. This is

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List of non-marine molluscs in Ethiopia

The non-marine molluscs of Ethiopia are a part of the molluscan fauna of Ethiopia (wildlife of Ethiopia). Ethiopia is an inland country, so there are

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List of mammal species in Ethiopia

This is a list of the mammal species recorded in Ethiopia. There are 279 mammal species in Ethiopia, of which 5 are critically endangered, 8

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List of fish in Ethiopia

There are 175 species of fish in Ethiopia. Forty of these species are endemic found only in Ethiopia. Fish found in Ethiopia: Alestes baremoze Alestes dentex Amphilius lampei Andersonia leptura Aphanius

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List of butterflies in Ethiopia

This is a list of butterflies of Ethiopia. About 376 species are known from Ethiopia, 33 of which are endemic. Papilioninae Papilionini Papilio nireus pseudonireus Felder & Felder,

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List of birds in Ethiopia

This is a list of the bird species recorded in Ethiopia. The avifauna of Ethiopia includes a total of 924 species, of which 23 are

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Agriculture in Ethiopia

Agriculture in Ethiopia is the foundation of the country's economy, accounting for half of gross domestic product (GDP), 83.9% of exports, and 80% of total

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