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University Students Work to Free Imprisoned Ethiopian Professor

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes baked by Molly McNamee in her Fairfield University town house probably won’t lead to the release of Bekele Gerba, a professor

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Bekele Gerba's Speech about land grabbing in Ethiopia

 Bekele Gerba's Speech about land grabbing in Ethiopia

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Condition of political prisoners on hunger strike deteriorates

Political prisoners who were on hunger strike for over a week now have become frail and a wife of one of the prisoners told ESAT

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Bekele Gerba and other Oromo political prisoners on hunger strike since July 19th

Four leading members of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) have been on hunger strike since Tuesday, family members of the political prisoners told the

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Semayawi (Blue) Party PR Head And OFC Deputy Chairman Charged With Terrorist Act

For the past six months, thousands of people have taken to the streets in Ethiopia’s largest region, Oromia, to protest alleged abuses by their government.

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Ethiopia's Charged On Terrorism Against Political Leaders

The United States is deeply concerned by the Government of Ethiopia’s recent decision to file terrorism charges against Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) First Vice-Chairman Bekele

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Ethiopian Forces kill 140 Oromo Protesters

Ethiopian security forces have killed at least 140 people taking part in mass anti-government demonstrations since November, activists say, according to US-based Human Rights Watch

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Arrest Of Respected Politician Escalating Crisis In Ethiopia

Over the past eight weeks, Ethiopia’s largest region, Oromia, has been hit by a wave of mass protests over the expansion of the municipal boundary

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Bekele Gerba Arrested Over Land Protests In Ethiopia

Ethiopian opposition leader and former political prisoner Professor Bekele Gerba — who visited Washington, D.C. this past summer to raise human rights concerns with U.S.

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Ethiopian Prisoner Leader Brings A Sharp Message To Obama (Audio)

Just a few months ago, Bekele Gerba was languishing in a high security Ethiopian jail, hearing the cries of fellow prisoners being beaten and tortured.

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Bekele Gerba Voa Interview

 Bekele Gerba Voa Interview

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Bekele Gerba, Senior Ethiopian Politicians Freed

Bekele Gerba, Deputy Chairman of Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement Congress released earlier today after serving full terms of the sentence. ESAT spoke to Bekele Gerba on

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