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Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum Against The Government's Action

In a press conference given by officials Of the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum (MEDREK) an opposing political party, government was asked to address the

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The Difference Between TPLF 100% Win And Diaspora 100% Claim

The diaspora claim as if 100% diaspora with them and hate TPLF they always talk about diaspora as if they are speaking for whole 100% so

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Tigray’s Inaugurates Its First Fertilizer Blending Plant

The first fertilizer blending plant built in Tigray Regional State with the cost of Birr 30 million was inaugurated on May 28, 2015, according to

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Presenting Zenawi The 2nd

You better believe this, Meles 2nd is a genuine reincarnation of Meles 1st- at age 35, which was 26/27 years ago.  And I heard there now

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Ethiopia: Plan to construct eleven new universities

The Ministry of Education announced plan to construct 11 new universities during the second growth and transformation plan period, which will begin in the next

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Red Cross Resumes Visits to Prisons

The ICRC has resumed its regular visits to federal prisons and expanded its activities in regional prisons in Oromia, Amhara, Harari, Tigray and Afar. The aim

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