How many international airport are there in Ethiopia?

Location      Airport

Addis Ababa Bole Airport (ADD)

Arba Mintch Arba Mintch Airport (AMH)

Asela Asela Airport (ALK)

Asmara Asmara International Airport (ASM)

Asosa Asosa Airport (ASO)

Assab Assab Airport (ASA)

Awareh Awareh Airport (AWH)

Awassa Awassa Airport (AWA)

Axum Axum Airport (AXU)

Bahar Dar Bahar Dar Airport (BJR)

Beica Beica Airport (BEI)

Bulchi Bulchi Airport (BCY)

Buno Bedelle Buno Bedelle Airport (XBL)

Chagni Chagni Airport (MKD)

Debra Marcos Debra Marcos Airport (DBM)

Debra Tabor Debra Tabor Airport (DBT)

Degahbur Degahbur Airport (DGC)

Dembidollo Dembidollo Airport (DEM)

Dessie Combolcha Airport (DSE)

Dire Dawa Aba Tenna D Yilma Airport (DIR)

Fincha Fincha Airport (FNH)

Gambela Gambela Airport (GMB)

Geladi Geladi Airport (GLC)

Genda Wuha Genda Wuha Airport (ETE)

Ghimbi Ghimbi Airport (GHD)

Ghinnir Ghinnir Airport (GNN)

Goba Goba Airport (GOB)

Gode/Iddidole Gode/Iddidole Airport (GDE)

Gondar Gondar Airport (GDQ)

Gore Gore Airport (GOR)

Humera Humera Airport (HUE)

Indaselassie Indaselassie Airport (SHC)

Jijiga Jigiga Airport (JIJ)

Jimma Jimma Airport (JIM)

Jinka Jinka Airport (BCO)

Kabri Dar Kabri Dar Airport (ABK)

Kelafo/Callaf Kelafo Airport (LFO)

Lalibela Lalibela Airport (LLI)

Makale Makale Airport (MQX)

Massawa Massawa Airport (MSW)

Mekane Selam Mekane Selam Airport (MKS)

Mena Mena Airport (MZX)

Mendi Mendi Airport (NDM)

Misrak Gashamo Misrak Gashamo Airport (MHJ)

Mizan Teferi Mizan Teferi Airport (MTF)

Mota Mota Airport (OTA)

Moyale Moyale Airport (MYS)

Mui Mui Airport (MUJ)

Neghelli Neghelli Airport (EGL)

Nejjo Nejjo Airport (NEJ)

Nekemt Nekemt Airport (NEK)

Pawi Beles Airport (PWI)

Semera Semera Airport (SZE)

Shakiso Shakiso Airport (SKR)

Shehdi Shehdi Airport (SQJ)

Shillavo Shillavo Airport (HIL)

Soddu Soddu Airport (SXU)

Tippi Tippi Airport (TIE)

Tum Tum Airport (TUJ)

Waca Waca Airport (WAC)

Warder Warder Airport (WRA)

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