What Is Interesting About Ethiopia?

- Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and Ethiopians have a special coffee ceremony in the home. They have very unique dancing, music, and food

- Ethiopia is the only African country with its own alphabet. 

- Ethiopia is the only country in the world with 13 months 

- In Ethiopia time is counted on the opposite side of the clock: 6 o’clock is said to be 12 o’clock, and at 16:00 Ethiopians say it is ’10 o’clock’. 

- Ethiopia is one of only two countries in the world that have never been occupied. (The other one is Russia, in case you are asked). It managed to stay free by defeating the Italians … twice! 

- Although Ethiopia was the first African state to join the League of Nations, it soon became apparent that ‘collective security’ would not be given to an African nation even after atrocities of ethnic cleansing and mass murders were evident after Italy invaded – everyone turned a blind eye and a deaf ear. 

- The very first and oldest illustrated book on Christianity is found in Ethiopia. 

- Ethiopia is the home of mankind. While the most famous ancestors of mankind are Lucy and Selam, archaeological digs have and will continue to show that it was the valleys of Ethiopia that man came out of. 

- Addis Ababa is the highest city in Africa. 

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