Chechebsa (Kita firfir)

Chechebsa (Kita firfir) Chechebsa (Kita firfir)


One cup of all purpose flour 

4 table spoon of Niter Kibe

2 tea spoon of berbere – salt


This flat bread Kita is a chapati or pitta type.

Mix your flour and water in a bowl, slowly.

In a large frying pan heat a little oil and heat it to a medium hot.

Slowly pour your mixture onto the hot pan in a thin layer. The thiner the layer the better for best results.

Cook  for three minutes and then turn it over and repeat.

A light  brown is what we a looking for on this.

Once done frying the kita, put it aside to cool.

The Chechebsa

Tear your Kita into small pieces.

In a frying pan add your Niter Kibe and Berbere and set the oven to medium.

Once the butter has melted add the pieces of kita into the pan and stir them all well so all the pieces soak in the Niter Kibe and Berbere mix.

Cook this for a few mins and drain and dry on paper towels.

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