Kiros Alemayehu

Kiros Alemayehu Kiros Alemayehu

Kiros Alemayehu (Ge'ez: ኪሮስ ዓለማየሁ)(1948–1994) was an Ethiopian Tigrigna singer.He was born in Tigray region, Saesi Tsaedaemba and was the only child to his parents.[2]


Early life

Kiros was born to his father Girazmach Alemayehu Meles and Mrs. Qeleb Gebremeskel in the eastern part of Tigray region, in a village known as Saesi Tsaedaemba in 1948 (1940 EC).[1][4] He went to school in the nearby city of Wukro and then joined Atse Yohannes High School in Mekelle.[4]

Professional career

Kiros was a prolific song writer and singer. He popularized Tigrigna songs through his albums to the non-Tigrinya speaking Ethiopians.[5][6] Before joining Ras Theatre in 1975E.C (circa 1982-1983) where he published his first Album, Kiros had worked as assistant trainer of Tigray Musical Troupe (ትግራይ ኪነት).[1] Some of his songs include "Anguay fisis", "Fililiy","Selam Hawa", "Suwur Fikri" "Adey Mekele".[4] Kiros along with other musicians had played in Libya and other middle eastern countries.[1] A memorial library is under construction in Wukro near his birthplace.[3][7]

Death and funeral

Kiros died from intestinal complications in 1994.[5]

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