Solomon Bililign

Solomon Bililign Solomon Bililign

Ethiopian Physicist


Ph. D., Physics, University of Iowa, 1991

M.S., Physics, Addis Ababa University, 1983

BS: Physics Education, Addis Ababa University, 1977

Areas of Research

Spectroscopy of Transition State Dynamics

Laser Spectroscopy and Photodynamics

Electronic Structure Calculations

Metal-ion chemistry within clusters, formation and chemistry of nanoparticles

Current Research Focus:

Focus: Characterizing organic and inorganic acids and aerosol in the atmosphere emitted by Biomass burning and the study their impact on climate.

Negative Ion proton transfer mass spectrometry to Measure: a) Acidities of gas-phase acids; b) Rate of H-transfer; c) Water cluster characterization. The goal ito get estimates of the free energy of hydration of carboxylate ions, and determination of the effective gas phase acidity of hydrated carboxylate ions. (NSF- Funded

Investigate vibrational overtone initiated photodissociation processes that are significant sources of atmospheric radicals using cavity ring down spectroscopy. The vibrational O-H overtone absorption cross sections of carboxylic acids and other OH-containing species are necessary quantities to calculate the photochemical reaction rate constant (J) for reactions initiated by the excitation of the O-H overtone. (NOAA, NSF Funded

Measurement of the Henry's law coefficient and first order loss rate of Isocyanic Acid in Water Solutions-Solubility studies (NOAA-Funded

Measurement of optical properties of biomass aerosols using cavity ring down spectroscopy ( DoD-Current Funding)

Atmospheric Chemistry

2010 Presidential Award for Excellence in science math and engineering mentoring

2010: Selected member of the 2010 class of Liberal Arts and Sciences Alumni Fellow-University of Iowa:

2006: Teacher of the Year, College of Arts and Sciences, NCAT

2002: JILA visiting fellowship,

2002: Named Outstanding Senior Researcher for A&T, 2001-2002

1998: Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award, NCAMP (NSF),

1998: Faculty Award, National Honors, College of Arts and Sciences, 


Ethiopian Physical Society

American Physical Society

American Chemical Society

National Society of Black Physicists

American Meteorological Society

Chair - Department of Physics, North Carolina A&T State University (2001 - )
Associate Professor - Department of Physics, North Carolina A&T State University (1998 - )
Assistant Professor - Department of Physics, North Carolina A&T State University (1993 - 1998)
Outstanding Senior Researcher Award - North Carolina A&T State University (2002)

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