Genet Agonafer

Genet Agonafer

Agonafer specializes in catering for film shoots, and she's definitely tuned in to Hollywood. One day I was sitting in her restaurant, minding my business and working through an order of yebere siga tibs, when a guy came in and asked Agonafer whether his film could shoot a scene there. Not a bit surprised, she merely insisted on knowing the name of the production before she would say yes or no. - Los Angeles Times

By contrast[ to other Ethiopian Restaurants in Little Ethiopia ], Meals by Genet is more or less an Ethiopian bistro, which is to say a homey, soft-lit dining room that looks at least as French as it does African, with music as likely to be soft jazz as Afropop, and skinny ladderback chairs that are probably Ethiopian in design, but Ethiopian by way of Architectural Digest , if you know what I mean. The menu is short: crisp-skinned fried trout, half a dozen stews, and Genet Agonafer's delicious version of kitfo , a dish of minced raw beef tossed with warm, spiced butter, as well as a few of the requisite Italian entrées. There is a modest list of wines, some of which even go pretty well with the restaurant's highly spiced food. In Agonafer, the restaurant also has the most identifiable chef in Little Ethiopia, and her cooking has a delicacy, a refinement, that may not always be evident in the spicy party food at other restaurants in the neighborhood.

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