Fita Bayisa

Fita Bayisa Fita Bayisa

Fita Bayisa (born December 15, 1972 in Ambo, Oromia) is an Ethiopian long-distance runner, most known for winning a bronze medal on the 5000 metres at the 1992 Summer Olympics. A year before he had won a silver medal at the World Championships in Tokyo. Before the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Bayisa had emerged as the favourite for 10,000 metres, as he had defeated a world-class field at the Bislett Games in Oslo in a time of 27:14.26 min. However, he failed to make an impact on the 10,000 m final, which was won by Khalid Skah.


Among his other achievements, he was the winner of the 1999 Belgrade Race Through History. He beat Paul Tergat by a second in the unusual race across Belgrade's city fortress.

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