Haddis Alemayehu

Haddis Alemayehu

Haddis Alemayehu (Amharic: ሀዲስ ዓለማየሁ; haddis alämayähu) (15 October 1910 – 6 December 2003), also transliterated Hadis Alamayahu, was a Foreign Minister and novelist from Ethiopia. His Amharic novel Fəqər əskä Mäqabər (Love to the Grave, 1968) is considered a classic of modern Ethiopian literature.

He was born in the Endor Kidane Miheret section of the city of Debre Marqos, the son of an Orthodox priest, Abba Alemayehu Solomon. As a boy, he began his education within the system of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, studying at the monasteries of Debre Elias, Debre Werq, and Dima. Later, he moved to Addis Ababa where he enrolled at the Swedish Mission and later at the Tafari Makonnen School for further education of the secular sort (EthioView December 12, 2003). He was eventually awarded an honorary doctorate by Addis Ababa University.

List of publications

    Y-Abeša-nna Ye-Wedehʷala gabičča (The Marriage of Ethiopia and the Future)
    Teret Teret Ye-Meseret, 1955 (1948 AM)
    Fəqər əskä Mäqabər (Love to the Grave), Bərhanənna Sälam Printing Press, 1965 (1958 AM)
    Wenǧeläñña Dañña (The Criminal Judge), Addis Abeba:nəgd Printing Press (Kuraz Publishing Agency) 1981 (1974 AM)
    Ye-Ilm Ižat, Addis Abeba: nigd Printing Press (Kuraz Publishing Agency) 1987 (1980 AM)
    Tizzita (Memories), Addis Abeba:Artistic Printing Press (Kuraz Publishing Agency) 1992 (1985 AM)

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