Top 12 Ethiopian News Portals Online

Top 12 Ethiopian News Portals Online Ethiogrio

Ethiopia is an East African country with many activities going on ranging from the economic to political and social activities. Getting all the latest news from Ethiopia can sometimes be challenging however, Ethiopia newspapers are beginning to make a shift to satisfy the increasing need for news lovers in the online community. There are not so many Ethiopian newspapers but the availability and reach of these newspapers can be greatly be facilitated by the use of internet. The importance of having a variety of newspapers online to dispatch news to the citizens and other people across the globe cannot be over emphasised. These days, it is possible for one to look for a local Ethiopian newspaper on the internet and read the information he or she wants. Some of the most preferred Ethiopian newspapers on the internet are found below.

Ethiopian News Portal Online

1. Ethiogrio

Ethiogrio is an online news portal totally committed to delivering accurate and impartial news designed to inform the public debate and enable Ethiopians to make educated choices.

2. The Addis Fortune

Addis Fortune is an Ethiopian newspaper is meant to provide all the quality information about the business activities in Ethiopia. It provides the state of business enterprises in Ethiopia and what they do. They also provide information about the country’s position in business adventure. The news site is available here:

3. The Ethiopian news

The Ethiopian News provides information about the news in the entire country. The editors across the country report their news in their respective regions to this newspaper and once published every one can access the news online. It is therefore meant to provide news about what is going on in all parts of the country and is  updated with the latest  Ethiopian news continuously throughout the day. The online portal is accessible on this link:

4. The Ethiopian Observer

The Ethiopian Observer offers news and commentaries on the latest events going on in the country. It is an information medium serving primarily Ethiopian communities around the world dedicated to the promotion of democracy, sovereignty, territorial integrity, peace and security for all Ethiopians. It will address the economic and political interest of all Ethiopians without 

5. The Helm

This is the magazine that provides all sources of entertainments in the country like music and sports. They also provide information about the current fashions in the country. It is mainly used by those people who like leisure and other forms of entertainment.

6. Ethioscoop was born from the idea of creating a platform that fosters worldwide online interaction within the Ethiopian community and Africa at large.

7. The capital

The Capital newspaper, established in December 1998 is a newspaper that is meant to promote the free enterprise in the country, and also create public awareness about all the business and economic events in the country. It is the longest established English newspaper in Ethiopia. In essence, Capital newspaper is not only about development and business news rather, all current news and events are ultimately part of the business news which is reported. The newspaper is published and distributed by Crown Publishing Plc.

8. The Ethiopian Commentator

The Ethiopian Commentator is an online magazine that is meant to collect the views and the opinions of the Ethiopian citizens about issues in the country. It allows the state what the citizens thinks on the issues the government is undertaking. f you are looking for an unbiased news reporting, this is the newspaper to read but it may contain some disturbing images.

9. The Jimma Times

The Jimma Times is an independent online Newspaper that is updated by both local reporters in the country and those in Ethiopian Diaspora. It is meant to cover newsworthy events within and outside Ethiopia, informing those in Diaspora on what is going on in the country and those in the country on what is going on in the Ethiopian Diaspora.

10. New Business Ethiopia

This is an Ethiopian website that informs people with some interest in Ethiopia and Africa in general by providing daily original news releases from organisations operating in the continent. Through the publishing platform, New Business Ethiopia aims to take advantage of the enormous potentials for reforms and growth to produce news stories, photographs and videos about Ethiopia’s business, political and social developments. The online news portal is available here:

11. The Reporter

The Reporter is a major Ethiopian newspaper that covers major business and economic sectors including politics, arts, society, entertainment, sports etc. The online news portal is available here:

12. The Tadias

The Tadias is an online newspaper that features lifestyle and business publications about Ethiopia and the western community. If you are looking for the latest news and information from Ethiopia, these are some of the online newspapers that provide the latest update about the country.


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