List Of 36 Countries Ethiopians Can Travel To Without A Visa

List Of 36 Countries Ethiopians Can Travel To Without A Visa 36 Countries Ethiopians Don't Need A Visa To Travel There

To visit another country from Ethiopia, most countries would require a valid visa which they must have issued before you are allowed in however, there are a lot of countries you can travel to without visa so long as you have Ethiopian passport.

Most of these countries would grant you access without visa or they would issue visa on entry which can be valid for a specified number of days.

Such a length of stay is given based on policy revolving around the reason for your travel and in some cases, it would be determined by the immigration officer and there could be the option of extension when you run out of time. Below is a list of countries that would allow you access without visa but only your Ethiopian passport but make sure that you check with the embassy or consular office of the country you are intending to travel to very close to the time of your travel because visa policy changes every now and then.

CountryVisa requirementNotes (excluding departure fees)
 Afghanistan Visa required[2]  
 Albania Visa required[3]  
 Algeria Visa required[4]  
 Andorra Visa required[5]  
 Angola Visa required[6]  
 Antigua and Barbuda Visa required[7]  
 Argentina Visa required[8]  
 Armenia Visa required[9]  
 Australia Visa required[10]  
 Austria Visa required[11]  
 Azerbaijan Visa required[12]  
 Bahamas Visa required[13]  
 Bahrain Visa required[14]  
 Bangladesh Visa required[15]  
 Barbados Visa required[16]  
 Belarus Visa required[17]  
 Belgium Visa required[18]  
 Belize Visa required[19]  
 Benin Visa required[20]  
 Bhutan Visa required[21]  
 Bolivia Visa on arrival[22] 90 days
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa required[23]  
 Botswana Visa required[24]  
 Brazil Visa required[25]  
 Brunei Visa required[26]  
 Bulgaria Visa required[27]  
 Burkina Faso Visa required[28]  
 Burundi Visa on arrival[29] 30 days; obtainable at Bujumbura International Airport
 Cambodia Visa on arrival[30]  
 Cameroon Visa required[31]  
 Canada Visa required[32]  
 Cape Verde Visa on arrival[33]  
 Central African Republic Visa required[34]  
 Chad Visa required[35]  
 Chile Visa required[36]  
 China Visa required[37]  
 Colombia Visa required[38]  
 Comoros Visa on arrival[39]  
 Republic of the Congo Visa required[40]  
 Democratic Republic of the Congo Visa required[41]  
 Costa Rica Visa required[42]  
 Côte d'Ivoire Visa required[43]  
 Croatia Visa required[44]  
 Cuba Tourist card required[45] Tourist card must be obtained in advance via travel agency, airline or at the embassy.
 Cyprus Visa required[46]  
 Czech Republic Visa required[47]  
 Denmark Visa required[48]  
 Djibouti Visa on arrival[49]  
 Dominica Visa not required[50] 21 days
 Dominican Republic Visa required[51]  
 Ecuador Visa not required[52] 90 days
 Egypt Visa required[53]  
 El Salvador Visa required[54]  
 Equatorial Guinea Visa required[55]  
 Eritrea Visa required[56]  
 Estonia Visa required[57]  
 Fiji Visa required[58]  
 Finland Visa required[59]  
 France Visa required[60]  
 Gabon Visa required[61]  
 Gambia Visa required[62]  
 Georgia Visa required[63]  
 Germany Visa required[64]  
 Ghana Visa required[65]  
 Greece Visa required[66]  
 Grenada Visa required[67]  
 Guatemala Visa required[68]  
 Guinea Visa required[69]  
 Guinea-Bissau Visa on arrival[70] 90 days
 Guyana Visa required[71]  
 Haiti Visa not required[72] 3 months
 Honduras Visa required[73]  
 Hong Kong Visa required[74]  
 Hungary Visa required[75]  
 Iceland Visa required[76]  
 India Visa required[77]  
 Indonesia Visa required[78]  
 Iran Visa required[79]  
 Iraq Visa required[80]  
 Ireland Visa required[81]  
 Israel Visa required[82]  
 Italy Visa required[83]  
 Jamaica Visa required[84]  
 Japan Visa required[85]  
 Jordan Visa required[86]  
 Kazakhstan Visa required[87]  
 Kenya Visa not required[88] 3 months
 Kiribati Visa required[89]  
 North Korea Visa required[90]  
 South Korea Visa required[91]  
 Kuwait Visa required[92]  
 Kyrgyzstan Visa required[93]  
 Laos Visa on arrival[94] 30 days
 Latvia Visa required[95]  
 Lebanon Visa required[96]  

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