Coward Beles, Can't You Deal With The Comment?

Coward Beles, Can't You Deal With The Comment? Coward Beles, Can't You Deal With The Comment?

BTW, it is not a secret that coward Lidetu Khdetu is your hero. :lol::lol::lol: Why hide it. My comment was those cowards so called opposition groups are saying read my lips no taxes. :lol::lol::lol:That is what Assab is to them. They know very well, they can not do anything about it. Even Russia could not return its own port it gave away few years ago, much less an internal territory of Eritrea protected under UN charters like Marseille to France, New York Harbor to US, etc.... Idiot

Slave mentality. No other explanation. But thankfully it is only the sawa zombies and mindless cadres who are prone to show such bizarre behavior. Most Eriteans I know could not be any happier to practice their Amharic and more than half their music collection is Amharic.

For many their favorite entertainment radio is Sheger FM.

Shabia tried to rob Eritreans their Ethiopiawinet yet most of them keep it to their heart and enjoy it privately and especially at the time of despair created by shabia. I would not rule out a possibility where the future heroes to avenge Ethiopia coming out of Eritrea as the villains are crated there. For there is no one suffered as Eritreans have in horn of Africa in a world created by Shabia for them.

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