Ethiopia: Tena, New Bottled Water Brand to Join the Market

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A new brand of bottled water, Tena Water, will join the Ethiopian market. Tena Water's plant encompasses three hectares of land, with the production unit sitting on over two thousand square meters. The project, which required an investment of 120 million birr, is owned by Bereket Bottled Drinking Water PLC.

The plant has a capacity of producing 15,000 half-liter bottles an hour. Tena Water will come in sizes of 350 ml, half-liter, one-liter, 1.5-liter and two-liter.

The plant is located at Soro District, in Hadiya Zone in southern Ethiopia. Founder of the company, Ayele Erkalo, speaking of the factor, mentioned the richness of the spring water resource in the area and the lack of other water bottling companies in the area as motivations for him to invest in the business. Mr. Ayele has been in the hospitality and transport business for the last two decades.

Caraba Steelwork and Engineering PLC worked on the construction of the factory for the last three years and is now coming to completion. The machinery for the bottling is purchased from China for $1.5 million.

When the plant goes fully functional, it will create employment opportunities for up to 250 workers. The founder has also said that the company will donate 0.2 per cent of its revenues to an orphanage, as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Tena will be the 77th bottled water brand in Ethiopia. However, the demand and supply is still not matched as the existing 76 companies have the capacity to supply only five per cent of the total consumption required in Ethiopia. For contrast, neighboring Kenya has over 600 water bottling companies for its population that is less than half of Ethiopia's.

Source: Addis Fortune

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