Ethiopia Gets Second Toll Road

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diredewa-dewaleEthiopia’s second toll road is now open for traffic. The new toll road, second to the one that connects Addis Ababa to the town of Adama, connects the city of Dire Dawa, the second largest city in the country after the capital Addis Ababa, to Dewale, a town near the Ethio-Djibouti border.

The new toll road, an asphalt freeway built with a cost of 5.2 billion birr, is a significant upgrade to the previous gravel road. CGC Overseas Construction Group Co Ltd carried out the construction of the road while Shandong Great Supervision Consultation Co Ltd monitored and consulted.

Previously, drivers had to spend at least a full day on the road as they commuted between Dire Dawa and Dewale. Now that the new toll road is open, this time is cut by at least half as it will only take half a day at most to cover the distance.

The new road is specially expected to be of a huge benefit for trucks that are regulars on the road as they transport goods to and from Djibouti, as, on average, 700 of them are engaged daily on this task. Djibouti Port handles 90% of Ethiopia’s import/export. Speaking in delight of the upgrade on the road, one truck driver commented it is now possible to reach Djibouti in just three hours.

Part of an ongoing effort to link Addis Ababa directly to Djibouti, this new toll road is meant to be part of a highway that connects with the upcoming Adama – Awash – Mieso toll roads.

Top Image Source: Ethiopian Roads Authority Facebook Page

Sources: Ethiopian Roads Authority, EBC, New Business Ethiopia

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