Ethiopia: Chemical Industry Restructures Roadmap

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A roadmap that will enable the chemical industry in Ethiopia to manage its development has been restructured, the Chemical and Construction Inputs Industry said.

Director of the Chemical and Construction Inputs Industry Development Institute, Deyesa Leta, said at the consultation session on the roadmap with stakeholders of the industry, "The finding of the research has shown vast technological and expertise gaps in the Ethiopian chemical industry."

He further highlighted that that the roadmap has been restructured a year ahead of schedule, thanks to a $400,000 grant from UNIDO, United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

Mr. Deyesa also pointed out that the roadmap suggests sustainable solutions for identified setbacks in the industry sector in Ethiopia. Indicating that the laggard pace of technological advancements in the chemical industry has undermined Ethiopia's place in the global market, he added universities and vocational colleges are advised to revise their training approach accordingly. The director further elaborated that this will enable the chemical industry to harmonize with the national green reliance economy policy.

The Chemical and Construction Inputs Industry Development Institute holds a vision to "secure, in 2023, a globally competitive industry sector with a leading role in the economy and that has a rapid and sustainable growth." Its stated mission is to "promote and expand the development of industry by creating conducive enabling environment for the development of investment and technological capacity of the industry sector by rendering efficient support and services to the development investor."

Sources: ENA, Addis Fortune

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