Indian Trident Group Limited Company Set to Invest in Ethiopia

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Indian Trident Group Limited Company, which is a USD 1 Billion Indian Business Conglomerate and a major player in business segments, is set to invest USD 100-200 million capital in Ethiopia to produce an eco-friendly Trident Copier and Writing Paper.

Navel Jindal, Trident’s CEO, said, “Trident offers a unique advantage of saving the plants by using eco-friendly copier paper which is directly helping the farmers through sale of agro waste which was earlier burned as economic benefit that cause air pollution.”

The company produces environment friendly paper, which saves over 1.5 million trees per year, from agro residue materials and manages non-utilized resource and rain-fed harvesting.

According to the CEO, Ethiopia remains below average in terms of annual paper consumption as the country’s per capita consumption is 2.5 kilograms per year while the world’s average per capita consumption is 55 kilograms. 

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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