ECCA and EIC Brief a Hong Kong Business Delegation about Investment Opportunities in Ethiopia

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Officials of Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (ECCSA) and Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) briefed a Hong Kong business delegation which is consisted of 30 persons about business opportunities yesterday, October 2018. The delegation was briefed about prospective investment areas in Ethiopia, land lease, tax and other investment related services as well as the continental and international agreements which Ethiopia is a party to.

According to Aschalew Tadesse, Investment Promotion Director at Ethiopian Investment Commission, manufacturing, textile and garment, pharmaceuticals, agro-processing, and power generation are the priority investment sectors in Ethiopia.

Raymond Yip, Hong Kong Development Council Deputy Executive Director, said they were highly motivated by the convincing briefings, particularly in manufacturing, textile and garment. He said, “We will also echo to Hong Kong the potential opportunities in pharmaceuticals, agro-industries and others.”

Mr. Yip said the country would gain from the employment opportunities which will be created if Hong Kong investment comes to Ethiopia.

The Deputy Executive Director further stated that the businesspersons “want the Ethiopian government to create stable investment environment, good tax incentive, facilitate import of components and raw materials, avail infrastructure to support supply chain, and agreements that meet international export standards.”

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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