Ethiopian Diaspora Association Finalizes Preparations to Organize an Investment Conference

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The Ethiopian Diaspora Association is set to hold a Diaspora mobilizing conference on investment with a view to encouraging the Ethiopian Diaspora to participate in industry, hotel and tourism, and other areas. More than 1000 people are expected to participate in the conference which is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ethiopian Customs and Revenue Authority, and the Ethiopian Investment Commission.

According to the Association’s Chief Executive Director Ato Abraham Seyoum, stimulating the interest of the Diaspora and improving their engagement in development programs is the main objective of the conference. He said, “We have identified three major issues and preparing a conference that can give detailed information and explanations about investment opportunities and packages the government (has prepared) with regard to investment, tourism, customs and revenue.”

Ato Abraham said there are various investment areas in Ethiopia for the Diaspora which will return profits. However, he said, the sectors need more explanations and clarifications adding that the association will exert efforts to improve the understanding of the Diaspora and to connect the Diaspora with the government.

According to the Chief Executive Director, a team composed of several government bodies, the Diaspora, and the association will be established at the end of the conference to address challenges which may be raised by the participants.
The Conference will be held on September 29, 2018.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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