Ethiopian Prime Minister with Andargachew Tsgie

Nice picture, but it has no true meaning until Abiy has true power of State. The State of Emergency is still on, the command post, army, and security apparatus in the hands of a handful tribal regional men.

Of everything said above, the correct, truthful, and just path is what Newera said. You can not free a group without freeing the individual. A good example is TPLF itself. It rose with a regional agenda, which later morphed into something else. It did not only control the province but the rest of the country. But does that mean the people in Tigray became better off than the rest of Ethiopia? Not quite, they have the least freedom to speak, unjustly collectively hated by others which never was 25 or 26 years ago, economically deprived with the never ending no war no peace stalemate, they don’t even have enough water flowing in their faucets. But had TPLF made the change 25 years ago to a truly democratic process, and truly understood all Ethiopians suffered under Derg, and above all never installed this ethnic divide and rule policy, think where we would have been today.

Having said that, what Newera suggested is too high a bar, because as much as respecting the individual right is noble, for a complex country like Ethiopia with a complicated history, it is very important to address the regional rights too. But when I say that I want to stress firmly the single most important thing is to bring the Oromo up front and center in everything that happens in Ethiopian politics. After all this is a country that was reestablished by Oromo. No matter what the haters and dividers say, Menelik did not put the country on the map by 500 folks from Tegulet and Menz. It was the Oromo who paid the price, and turned around and paid the due in far away corners of the nation to defend her from outside invaders. No matter how much one can talk about regional rights, we should never forget according to the 2007 census 35% of Ethiopia speaks Oromiffaa, and 29% speaks Amharic as a first language. That is almost a two third majority. That s why you will never find Ato Ash talk about the right of people speaking Tigrigna in Tigray rather beat on the old dead horse, you wantttttttttt the Oromo to talk in Amharic, divide and rule, divide and loot trash. What Oromo deserve is not right in his regions rather become equal to Amharic in the country he recreated, rightfully so. The solution is to make both Amharic and Oromiffaa official languages, all kids learning them both. Other regions of the country will have a right to teach kids, go to court etc using local languages, and they learn the official languages too. In Shewa that was nothing new before Derg came, even the ordinary farmer spoke multiple languages. My entire family including parents, uncles, grand parents etc spoke both languages.

Also to touch on what one blogger said, if OLF SLF ONLF ARDUF GAMBELA LF BENISHSNGUL LF were created because of the Amara boogie man, how come they are still there and multiplied like rabbits 27 years after regional rights were declared? It got worse not better. Because whatever was done in 1991 was done not to bring a true and lasting solution for Ethiopia’s ills rather to yet impose the will of a handful people on the backs of the overwhelming majority of Ethiopians. It was done by a handful Meles, Bereket, Lencho, Abiyu Geleta etc. The reason they never asked the people if they wanted the ethnic system imposed, because the overwhelming majority would reject it. The idea was let us impose it, we preach what we believe, and if it does not work on this generation, may be we can raise the next one to believe in our tehadiso barbarism. Well, they succeeded in raising that generation, but it turned around and beat them in the ass. The funniest part they based the division based on Derg studies LMAO.

No matter how much changes ABIY brings, and the jury is still out there on it, if this fake ethnic bantustan is not sent back to be studied/reformed in the laboratory don’t expect a lasting peace in Ethiopia. Half of the country dispises it the other half holding on it like a religion, ye huala huala teyayezo gedel lemegebat.

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